About Us

The Law Department is one of the important segment of the Jharkhand Government. Located at Project Building, Dhurva, Ranchi Law Department performs important functions that include tendering legal opinions & advice referred by various Government Departments, Prosecutions and performing consultative role on framing of Statutory Rules / Regulations, Notifications, Bylaws and finalization of Important Memorandum of Understandings, Agreements, Deeds, etc.

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1. Provide Legal Advise & Assistance to Government to uphold the Rule of Law and Constitutional Government.

2. Provide free legal aid to weaker sections to render justice & enhance access to justice.

3. To create conducive environment for Judicial Officers, Lawyers & litigants by providing better infrastructural facilities through phase-wise enhancement program.

4. Inculcate the Information Technology as a part of functions to deliver quality oriented deliverance.


1. Information & Communication Technology is being integrated with the functioning of department to ensure speedy & accurate deliverance.

2. ICT initiative is being implemented to digitize the processes and minimize the environmental impact.